The future of printing technology

A lot of advances in computing technology have been being developed rapidly for the past few decades, and there’s indeed no slowing down when it comes to more advancements. Among this technology is the invention of printing machines that basically reproduces copies of information in a two-dimensional medium, which is basically the paper. However, with recent developments, there are more amazing innovations that are getting popularity now: the 3D printing.

So, what is 3D printing?

This printing invention, like with regular printers, reproduces something that you command it to, however, with depth. Also called as additive manufacturing and previously known as rapid prototyping, a 3D printer can do copies of objects that are three-dimensional, meaning it is not flat like in what we’re used to seeing on pieces of papers. This will be depending on the digital model, whether it be a simple cube or a complex configuration of items like a scaled down versions of furniture. It’s called additive printing because it doesn’t really remove materials from a solid configuration, instead, it creates an additional layer, one after another until the object is built and printed.

How it works

Since it is not sculpting from a solid material, it actually kind of “weaves” layers of the items required, one after another, until the entire model is completed. But in order for the object to be printed, the printer takes the model into a 2D approach, by slicing the layers in a way that can be printed two-dimensionally, and then the layers pile up to create one cohesive set of 2D layers into a 3D object. These layers are very thin to ensure precision in the dimensions set. There are different models of 3D printers, however, the common ones are fed with plastic filaments which are melted in the printhead.

Applications and why you need one

So 3D printers are actually popular among designers, engineers, and architects. When making models and miniatures of prototypes, an industrial 3D printer is actually the thing to use. They could help assemble pieces of an entire system, sections of a scale model infrastructure, or for producing designs for aesthetics and appeal. Even understanding complicated geometry is one application of 3D printing. However, this can also be used by the average person on a common home. For instance, you could print toys or do your diorama homework with it. 3D printers have actually been more affordable now than ever, so you can even buy one for your family’s use!

The advent of technology these days have been truly amazing, especially with innovative inventions that are developed such as 3D printers. It just goes to show that we are not stopping at advancing the modernization we are used to, though it may take one layer after another.

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