Must-know etiquettes when sending flowers for a funeral

Although it is ‘Manners Maketh Man’, it should be modified to ‘Manners Maketh Human’; because in the end of the day, we as humans should know what needs to be done when, regardless of the gender. In such a background, you should take a moment before sending flowers to a funeral home. Occasions like these are very delicate – the most insignificant move could mean things that could sabotage the quality of what you actually want to say. Hence…

Here are some of the must-know etiquettes when sending flowers for a funeral.

  • Better late than never

We all live busy lives. There is no wonder if you happened to find a person who still believes that Axl Rose is dead. The point is that, unless you’re informed, there is a high chance where you end up being completely unaware of the event. But it never means that it would offend the recipient family that you were unaware. What is not okay is not sending anything at all. It only showcases that you no longer care about it. So, don’t hesitate to send flowers, at all.

  • Choose the right type of the flower

The reason why there are so many flowers made of different colors is due to their pigments. But when it comes to the chromatic symbolization, it carries several meanings. For an example, the reason why it is hard to spot anything reddish in occasions like these is since they represent love, desire, strength and war, which usually doesn’t fit the occasion. Instead, you can go for funeral flowers singapore that come in purple, blue, pink and especially white. If your intention is to remember life and celebrate it with flowers like roses, you might want to send a not along with.

  • The arrangement matters

Sympathy flowers tend to be smaller in size, that work as centerpieces or bouquets most of the time. Unless it is a very close relative who has passed away, this is the best and the most suitable option that you can possibly go for. Hence, have that mandatory discussion with your florist so that you will not have to overspend but get a nice job done, whilst expressing your emotions without lacking anything.

  • Ideal way of violating ‘In lieu of funeral flowers’

If the obituary says this, it technically implies, or even states, that the family expects you to make donations in the name of the deceased. The correct way of violating this is only if you do both the things simultaneously, and that only.

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